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Gloves are a simple must - have while riding. They provide good traction, prevent your hands from getting numb and protect them while riding as well as in case of a crash. Plus, motorcycle gloves add some serious style! Real rockers always wear motorcycle gloves, that's a fact!

Material composition:
40% polyester, 28% polyamide, 22% polyurethane, 10% goat leather.
Product description:
The Assault glove offers the feeling of a MX-glove while still being protective when you fall down on the tarmac. It’s equipped with multiple protectors like a 3D knuckle protector, leather palm and R.I.S.C. finger protection. 


  • Made of goat leather and Spandex
  • Bemberg lining
  • 3D Temperfoam knuckle protection
  • R.I.S.C. finger and palm protection 
  • ErgoThumb
  • Touchtip

Unit of measurement are centimeters:

macna motorcycle hand gloves

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